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                                                                     WELCOME TO EUBENZOS SHOP/WORLD



*For quantities not listen on the market you can always DM.
* Please if your order is marked as shipped consider it shipped and wait for your package.
* If you want your order processed immediately make sure you send the exact amount in BTC.
*leave a positive comment on any sub dread and get free products
* Warning Postal service a little slow these days so please be patient and wait for your package.
* For security reasons we do not provide tracking number for small orders and plz do not take that as an advantage to claim you have not received your product
* Because not providing tracking number to those that order small quantities dose not mean we do not have tracking number to use if you dispute.
* Please don’t forget to finalize your orders when it lands. We will blacklist all sellers who do not finalize on time


                                                              PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE ABOVE POINTS

Welcome to our shop! It is our goal to make top class products available to you and deliver them securely to your doorstep. We are well organized and know every inch of this business.
We use varying stealth techniques, have fair prices, top quality, ensure a fast delivery, and provide quality customer service. Do not hesitate and convince yourself! We are more than happy to supply you with our amazing products and become your new favorite vendor! 100% refund or reship


                                                              ************* SHIPPING POLICY *****************

 – Please allow 24 hours for all orders and messages to be processed.
– All orders go through FE
– No Signatures Never Required.
– You can also shop with us through other markets.
– We Ship within 48 hours of marking your order shipped
– Before leaving a negative feedback or opening a dispute please send us a message first and if we do not reply same time please do insist.


Packages that don’t arrive due to the shipping information not matching the true name and address will consider the buyer’s fault.

Orders are therefore only considered lost when it hasn’t arrived in:
– 5-7 business days for US DOMESTIC
– Tracking codes are not required. Please sign up for Informed Delivery. It is free and super useful!
_ Please remember, we are not AMAZON. We do our absolute best to get your orders out in a timely manner.

——————— Contact Us

* You can always contact us, for anything that comes to your mind, by directly messaging us here on this <E-MAIL>. 

contact@eubenzos.com  24/7